Why Summer is a Great Time of Year for Wood Boiler Installation

As you are aware, wood boilers offer many wonderful benefits. As propane, electric and oil prices continue to rise, wood boilers offer a renewable alternative; wood. The desire to go off-grid or partially off-grid and provide the home with energy efficient heating is ever-growing. As many of us choose to leave the suburbs and create a homestead closer to nature, the need for a more independent heating source continues to grow. So, if you are someone looking to join the club and get in on this better way to heat the home; now is the time to do so! Summer is a fantastic time to get your wood boiler installation underway! As the trusted providers of wood boilers for Green Bay and the surrounding areas, we would like to tell you more about them and why now is a great time to install.

wood boilers green bay

Summer is a great time of year to enjoy warm weather but it’s also a great time to install a new heat source to have it ready before cooler weather returns. The summer offers a great time for installation because the ground is softer and any necessary digging is much easier. Pipes can easily be buried underground when the soil is softer in summer. 

Wood boilers can even be of good use throughout the rest of the summer! Most well water and city water comes out of the ground at around 52 degrees, even in the summer. Your hot water tank must heat that water from 52 degrees to 110 degrees using lots of fuel like electricity or propane, etc. But if you have a water boiler, your boiler will heat that water for free! Even if you heat your domestic water with your furnace, your hot water heater will use less fuel if you have a wood boiler assisting in the heating process. 

So, this summer, complete your homestead with a wood boiler and have it up and running before autumn! Having heat during the winter months is not an option but a requirement for obvious reasons and the warmth of wood boilers is a natural fit for off-grid heat. Wood is inexpensive, readily available, and a green, renewable fuel. Wood boilers make some of the best options in home heating since they are highly efficient, clean burning, safe and convenient to use! 

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