Why Renewable Energy is Essential Now More than Ever

Right now, renewable energy is providing affordable electricity across the country. And, it has the ability to help stabilize energy prices in the future. Although renewable energy can require upfront investments to build, they can then operate at very low cost. That is why renewable energy is essential now more than ever. With the uncertain times we currently face, dependable energy is a must. What is more constant and dependable than the sun? That is why we offer simple and affordable, ready-to-install (RTI) solar energy systems. We want to help meet the needs of as many Minnesota/Wisconsin area residents as possible. And, as the area experts in solar electricity, we would like to tell you more about these systems and how they make alternative energy not only attainable but essential.

solar electricity

Using renewable energy as oppose to fossil fuels brings a wide variety of advantages and opportunities, ranging from environmental to socio-economic and much more. With these uncertain economical times, energy security and energy infrastructure resilience can be found in solar electricity. With solar electricity residents are no longer tied to the grid and fluctuating oil costs. 

Worried about dropping home prices? A solar electric system will increase the resale value of your property by approximately $15,000 for every 5 kW installed, and solar electric systems are not taxable on your property taxes! There is no sales tax on a solar electric system. A solar electric system will reliably generate free electricity for 40 or more years.

And, it doesn’t stop at solar electricity! Renewables can meet heating demands in buildings with solar thermal water heaters, biomass boilers and more. Here at Strawbale Farms we are here to help area homeowners find their own path to energy efficiency. With many years of experience in the renewable energy industry we know efficiency “Results” when we see it. 

It is our pleasure to offer our customers the most efficient and innovative lines of solar electric systems. Strawbale Farms has partnered with the largest solar electric company in the Midwest, Next Energy Solution. We offer solar electric systems, including grid-tied and off-grid, to our residential, commercial and agricultural customers at amazing prices.

Ready to get started with a more secure form of energy? For more information or for a free estimate on a solar electricity systems, call Dave Jacoby with Strawbale Farms at 715-214-6683 or email heatsmart@ymail.com.

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