Kim Preston

This is my 3rd heating season with my Portage & Main BL 2840 – it looks and functions as good as new. While the Duluth (MN) winters are variable, they are always cold. As we approach the end of this heating season, I’m happy to report that I still have ample wood in the wood shed – see picture. The 2840 is our primary heat source for our 1700 SF house with full basement plus attached garage. Our installation includes a plate heat exchanger (very efficient) to interface to our in-floor, hydronic system. Typically, we stoke the boiler in the morning and then again in the evening with just enough wood for 12 hours or so. Our 2840 is easy on the wood pile compared to our last boiler! While I always look forward to the spring warm up, I have to admit that I miss the boiler stoking ritual when it comes time to shut down the 2840 for the season. I highly recommend Strawbale Farms, Portage & Main Boilers.

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