John Anderson

I purchased a BL 2840 in 2015 for our farm to replace the Empyre Pro 200 gasification boiler. I was pleased with the performance of the Empyre over the last three heating seasons but it wasn’t large enough for our needs with the addition of the farm shop. The BL 2840 is required to heat a drafty old farmhouse, 3000 sq ft. and a small farm shop, 800 sq ft. with in floor heat. Dave is well-informed about Portage & Main and helped with our needs for the farm and budget. I was concerned the BL 2840 may be too small but those concerns were quickly diminished. I am quite satisfied with the performance. On the coldest, windy days in Buffalo County -25 nights -10 days it kept the shop at 55 and the house at 72. It holds a 12 plus hour burn cycle on the coldest days. It is comparable to the efficiency of the gasification boiler yet heats more area and requires significantly less maintenance then did the Empyre. Ash is kept to a minimum reflecting on its efficiency. In addition, this year I burn a combination of mostly green wood mixed with some dry. The Portage & Main allows for this flexibility with a busy farm schedule whereas other gasification boilers do not! Price on the 2840 is lower than the Empyre, yet, I state with confidence the construction and ease of maintenance of the Portage & Main is superior. I would not hesitate to recommend Dave and Portage & Main Wood Boilers to anyone interested.

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