Derrick Hansen

I would like to thank you for helping us make our decision to change from an indoor forced air woodstove to our BL 2840. Our wood consumption burning indoors was roughly 8 to 11 cords a year. We burn roughly the same amount per year with our BL 2840, (now including hot water), with half the work! We used to have to load the basement throughout the heating season. We used to have to remove ash and clean the stove indoors making a huge mess no matter what precautions we took. We used to have to clean three stories of chimney flue, going up a 12/12 pitched roof with eight chimney brush extensions. With our old farmhouse, and despite insulation and ventilation improvements to the roof, ice dams would still form below the chimney, no longer with our BL 2840 installed 125 feet from the house! We handle the wood far less than we used to. We don’t have to split the wood down so fine. I used to never burn softwoods like box elder in the indoor stove. Now we are improving the forest by getting rid of it, and mixing it with seasoned hardwood to stretch out are covered and stacked cordwood. Throughout the winter, I now simply go out and cut dead standing Elm and dump it right in front of the BL 2840. The boiler is industrial grade, easy to use, and we plan to have it in use for at least 30 years or until we can’t cut firewood anymore, whichever comes first. We take a lot of pride in our BL 2840 and look forward to adding subfloor heat in our new shop.

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