Kim Preston

Wood & Outdoor Wood Boiler

This is my 3rd heating season with my Portage & Main BL 2840 – it looks and functions as good as new. While the Duluth (MN) winters are variable, they are always cold. As we… Read more »

Tom Bitney, Stone Services

The neighbor and I both owned Taylor boilers. He knew mine wore out and I was thinking of purchasing a new one. He stopped by this February not knowing that I had purchased and installed… Read more »

John Anderson

I purchased a BL 2840 in 2015 for our farm to replace the Empyre Pro 200 gasification boiler. I was pleased with the performance of the Empyre over the last three heating seasons but it… Read more »

Kathy Fredericks

I have had my Portage and Main boiler for several months so I have not had much time to assess. I’ve had two Central Boilers in the past one lasting 11 years, the last one… Read more »

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