Strawbale Farms Offers Solar Electricity Systems for St Cloud

Solar Electric Customer Steve HarrikLooking for a better way to power your home or business? Solar electric is the answer. A solar electricity system allows you to cut down on your energy costs while saving the environment. And, with solar electricity for your St Cloud home from Strawbale Farms, you get top notch energy and service. Since 2002, we have been dedicated to bringing the best in alternative energy to Minnesota, Wisconsin and Michigan’s upper peninsula and providing excellent customer service for all of our customers. We provide a variety of solar electricity products and services to meet your specific energy needs.

Strawbale Farms has partnered with the largest solar electric company in the Midwest, Next Energy Solution, offering solar electricity systems to our residential, commercial, and agricultural customers at amazing prices.

Ready to learn more about a solar electricity system for your home or business? Contact the experts at Strawbale Farms for more information today!

The Many Benefits of Solar Electricity

Stop paying the utility company every month! You can generate your own free electricity with solar. Next Energy Solution offers an incredible number of options to fit your unique energy needs. A solar electricity system can even increase the resale value of your property by about $15,000 for every 5 KW installed and solar electricity is not taxable on your property taxes. And a solar electricity system will reliably generate free electricity for decades.

Whatever your solar needs, we have the system for you. We sell solar electric generators you can take with you or power your cabin to eliminate noise, fumes and messy fuel.

And, our most popular system is the Ready to Install (RTI) system were we supply the solar panels, rails, mounting hardware, disconnects, inverter, detailed installation instructions, wiring diagrams and tech support.

Our Electrician Ready system allows Next Energy Solution to supply all necessary components and also install and wire the rails and panels. Then, you the customer can hire a local electrician to mount and wire the inverter and disconnects. Next Energy Solution offers maintenance-free operation, patented ready-to-install solutions, faster paybacks, energy independence for life, 98.5% efficiency systems, a 30-year performance warranty and much more!

Contact us today to learn more about solar electricity and the many options it can provide for you!

Start Saving Today with Solar Electricity

To get some more information or for a free estimate on solar electricity at your St Cloud home, call Dave Jacoby at Strawbale Farms at 715- 214- 6683 or email

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