Solar Electricity for Energy Resiliency in Minneapolis

Every May is National Electrical Safety Month, and the 2022 theme is “Energy Resiliency” or ensuring that you are prepared in case of power outages and other electrical issues. One key component of Energy Resiliency in Minneapolis is solar electricity! Here at Strawbale Farms, we are proud to offer solar electric systems to residential, commercial and agricultural customers.

You may be wondering: how does solar electricity improve my energy resiliency? Well, let’s talk about it!

Energy Resiliency

Solar electric systems provide your home or business with a renewable energy that is not dependent on the electrical grid. You can use them to power essential devices in your home, heat water, or just cut down on your electric costs by creating your own for free!

solar electricity minneapolis

Beyond that, if you partner a solar electric system with an energy storage system, you can power your house during natural disasters that cause the grid to go offline – or you could end up creating enough energy to not have to worry about the grid ever again.

Modern society has been built around being dependent on grid-supplied energy, primarily fossil fuels. By increasing your energy resilience with solar electricity, you are not only becoming independent and protecting your house or business from going without electricity in emergencies, but you are also making a decision that is better for the environment!

Net Zero Buildings

A major concept in the theme of Energy Resiliency is a “net zero building.” Net zero buildings are buildings that produce the same amount of energy that they use, which makes the building completely independent of the electrical grid and self-sufficient!

There are many benefits to having a net zero building, but one major one is the efficiency. Net zero buildings are cost-effective in that there are no concerns about paying for fossil fuels to power your building as their costs rise. Turning your home into a net zero building also increases its property value, which is especially important if you are considering selling in this market.

Now is the perfect time to think about what you are doing to move towards energy resiliency this National Electrical Safety Month! If your goal is to incorporate solar electricity into your home or business to become more resilient, then let us know! We at Strawbale Farms are happy to answer any questions you may have about shifting to solar electricity in Minneapolis. Give us a call today at 715-214-6683 or contact us!

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