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G-Class is all about making wood burning as clean, simple and easy as possible while eliminating your high heating bills. To accomplish this, the G-Class is packed with an impressive array of features which together deliver unmatched product value. You will love how easy the G-Class is to operate and how simple it is to maintain. You will love the smoke free combustion and be amazed at how much less wood you will burn when compared to older outdoor wood furnace technology. G-Class takes it to a whole new level. These products truly are in a class all there own in the outdoor furnace industry.



Polar G-Class


1. All Fire, No Smoke
Crafted from carefully selected materials the VOR-TECH combustion chamber reaches temperatures up to 2000°F. Inside this chamber the perfect quantities of oxygen (air), fuel (smoke and gases) and extremely high temperature create a swirling vortex of fire. In this high temperature vortex every ounce of wood and any smoke get completely burned and combustion efficiency reaches 99.5%! This means that every possible BTU of energy is released from the wood and smoke and is converted into heat. Total combustion is the first part of creating a high efficiency outdoor wood furnace.
2. High Performance Heat Exchanger
The 2000°F air leaving the VOR-TECH chamber next flows through the high performance vertical flue type heat exchanger. Turbulators or spirals hanging inside the vertical tubes increase the heat exchangers effectiveness by several factors. In the G-Class the air leaving the heat exchanger has cooled to as low as 280°F. This high performance heat exchanger is the second of three essential parts of creating a high efficiency outdoor wood furnace.
3. Easy Sweep System (Patent Pending Design)

All types of heat exchangers in wood furnaces coat with dust over time and need to be cleaned regularly to maintain optimal efficiency. So making the heat exchanger easy to clean is the third important component to creating a high efficiency outdoor wood furnace. The G-Class products include the EASY SWEEP SYSTEM which allows the heat exchanger to be cleaned daily in as little time as 5 seconds.Moving the external EASY SWEEP handle activates the rocker system which moves the spirals inside the vertical heat exchanger tubes up and down. This up and down sweeping action knocks accumulated dust from the vertical heat exchanger surfaces and the dust simply falls down through the heat exchanger tubes to the base of the furnace for monthly removal. The innovative patent pending design of the EASY SWEEP linkage system makes removal of the entire system for annual maintenance something that can be done in just a few minutes.

4. Efficiency as High as 86%! Use Up to 60% Less Wood!
Efficiency as High as 86%! Use Up to 60% Less Wood!
The harder the G-Class products work the more efficient they become and when tested with the appropriate EPA approved North American test method the G-Class achieves overall efficiency exceeding 86% for a category 4 burn. Reported efficiency varies a lot depending on the test method used. For example when using European test methods which use the lower heat value of wood for calculations the reported efficiencies can be as high as 95%.Regardless of how its calculated or what number is reported the G-Class products are remarkably more efficient compared to older outdoor furnace technology. When a conventional old style outdoor furnace is replaced by a G-Class furnace the saving on wood usage is as much as 60%!
5. Smoke X-Tract System for Clean, Safe Wood Burning

A channel built into the top of the fire chamber and the powerful ECM suction fan work together to insure your comfort and safety during loading. When the fire chamber door is opened the suction fan pulls any smoke that would otherwise escape from the fire chamber back towards the chimney and away from you! A must have feature for indoor installation.

6. Strongwall System. Polar Strong!
This system of removable panels protects the fire chamber walls from the extreme conditions inside the fire chamber increasing the life of the furnace. At the same time the panels keep the fire chamber hotter resulting in superior combustion.
Strongwall System. Polar Strong!
7. Connect-EZ
Installation is now less. Less time. Less cost. Less complexity!
The Connect-EZ system includes a boiler recirculation pump, boiler protection valve and manifold and is installed into the plumbing compartment at the rear of the furnace. This patent pending system greatly reduces installation cost, simplifies the installation and has multiple ports for easily connecting more than one primary distribution loop and pumps.
8. Ignition Door. Clean. Simple. Easy. Intelligent!

The Ignition Door gives direct access to the bottom of the firebox which is really nice for a number of reasons.

  1. The Ignition Door allows you to set the wood on fire AFTER filling the entire fire chamber with wood. Also, while lighting the fire the suction fan creates strong negative pressure inside the fire chamber which keeps any smoke from escaping as air is sucked in through the door opening.
  2. Lighting the fire is also very easy because air flows precisely to where you are trying to set the fire. You will be amazed how easy it is to light a fire inside the G-Class.
  3. The Ignition Door gives direct access to the very bottom of the fire chamber for stirring the coals and ashes prior toreloading as well as for easy direct access for removing bulk ash that accumulates over time. The suction keeps escaping fine dust and ash to a minimum while completing these tasks.
9. Housing Build and Insulated for Tough Canadian Winters
High Performance Insulation
Resin bonded glass fiber board insulation with a foil layer retains not only radiant heat but also infrared heat energy for superior insulating performance. This type of board insulation is the best choice for outdoor furnaces because it is rigid and does not sag over time and does not trap or retain moisture.
10. Galvaneel Housing
Galvaneel provides superior durability against the outdoor elements. Precision formed heavy 18 gauge Galvaneel housing assembles to a tight fit keeping rain and snow from penetrating the furnace housing.
Galvaneel Housing
11. Beautiful UV Resistant Paint
Beautiful High Luster UV resistant powder coating on Galvaneel steel gives exceptionally long lasting durability and good looks. 5 years later your unit will still look new.
High Luster UV resistant powder coating on Galvaneel steel
12. Powerful ECM Suction Fan. Self Cleaning. Built to Last.
The G-Class fan assembly features ECM/DC motor technology. This high performance motor technology is SMART, EFFICIENT & RELIABLE. The fan blade is shaped so that it is self cleaning. View more about Fan & Motor Technology.
Assembly Fan

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