Using an Outdoor Wood Boiler in Duluth

wood boilersDuluth winters can be harsh. They are rife with cold temperatures, snow, strong winds and ice often making keeping one’s home warm a serious investment. Consequently, many homeowners opt for an outdoor wood boiler in Duluth as an alternative heat source.

For those not familiar with this option, the outdoor wood boiler is a partially automated heater, designed so you add wood to it once or twice a day. The boiler is fired to be extremely hot so that ultimate efficiency is achieved, and unburned gasses, soot and creosote are minimized. Because the outside wood boiler is extremely hot, the system is designed to move the heat to a holding tank which then disperses the heat into your home as it is needed. Do note that an outside wood boiler does require a heat pump, so that if excess heat is produced, there is somewhere it can be moved.

The Advantages of Using an Outdoor Wood Boiler

While outdoor wood boilers are not anything new, there are still many who are unfamiliar with the many advantages they offer. Should you be on the fence about swapping to or adding an outside wood boiler to your Duluth location, here are some advantages they offer.

  • An outdoor wood boiler can hold more wood than the largest wood burning stove, which means it can burn for a much longer time without needing to be reloaded.
  • By having your heat source outside of your home, you are significantly reducing your risk of a home fire.
  • An outdoor wood boiler can actually heat several buildings at once – house, barn, stand-alone garage, etc. and costs less to do so!
  • An outside wood boiler, especially a higher-end one, requires minimal maintenance and yet lasts indefinitely. They do require periodic inspections, and the occasional cleaning is needed, but these actions still take less time than other types of heat sources.
  • Like a traditional heater, outdoor wood boilers do have thermostats, so you can ensure you get a high ROI.
  • If you are interested in a homestead approach to living, then the outside wood boiler is a prime way to stay off the grid and control your home’s energy consumption.
  • They provide more living space inside your home. Rather than needing a closet or space in your home for a heating unit, the outside wood boiler is located outside your house.
  • The outside wood boiler is eco-friendly because it uses natural, renewable fuels.

Contact Strawbale Farms to Learn More about Outdoor Wood Boilers

Outdoor wood boilers are a great addition to your home’s heating system. There are many advantages that make them the perfect way to improve your quality of living and minimize your energy costs, too. If you have additional questions about the installation and use of outside wood boilers in Duluth or other location, give Strawbale Farms a call at 715-214-6683. You can also Contact Us.

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