The Benefits of Owning an Outdoor Wood Boiler

As a renewable energy company, we are fully familiar with the many benefits of owning an outdoor wood boiler. Wisconsin has some pretty intense winters and the heating of homes and businesses can become pretty pricey. But there is a solution! Outdoor wood boilers. While sky-high propane, electric and oil prices are causing hardships for many businesses and homeowners, they’re also helping generate interest in renewable alternatives such as wood. At Strawbale Farms, we are focused on just that; biomass heating and energy efficiency. We sell Portage & Main outdoor wood boilers; one of the longest lasting and best built boilers in the industry.

Outdoor Wood Boiler

In addition to the outdoor wood boilers, we also sell other Portage & Main boilers, including ones that burn coal, wood chips and pellets. Each product we sell provides the needed energy for heat with the use of much less firewood or coal than conventional stoves. While energy efficiency is one of the very best benefits to owning an outdoor wood boiler, there are many other benefits including:

  • Safety. Since these units are placed outdoors, there is less concern regarding fire and smoke hazards.
  • It’s cleaner. With the unit outside, smoke, soot, and ash are eliminated, and dryness is reduced in the buildings. And, if you are looking to go “green”; with an outdoor wood boiler as your home heating source you no longer need to use fossil fuels to supply you with heat.
  • Heat control. Outdoor wood boilers also have a thermostat control that keeps the heat at a constant level, which is sometimes difficult to achieve with an indoor woodstove or fireplace.
  • Affordability. Wood, pellets and coal are cheap in comparison to more “conventional” heating sources. Burning wood can be a clean, inexpensive and safe way to heat your home.
  • Simplicity. An outdoor wood boiler is a straightforward way to heat your home or business. Keep it burning and keep things warm. You only need to manually feed your boiler once a day or even every couple of days. And, you don’t need to rely on “the grid” for your home’s heat. It’s ideal for those looking to live off the grid and take control of their own energy.

And, these are just a few of the great reasons to choose an outdoor wood boiler for your Wisconsin home! If you would like more information about outdoor wood furnaces for your home or business, call Strawbale Farms at 715-214-6683 or Contact Us today! We would love to speak with you and help you find the right product for your needs.

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