Is Your Minnesota Home Fit for Solar?

The popularity of solar energy continues to grow in Minnesota and all over the entire United States. Look around and you will see more and more roofs covered with solar panels. Despite the name, even in St Cloud, solar electricity continues to grow in popularity. But, how do you know if your home or cabin is a good fit for a solar electricity system? As the experts in alternative energy for Wisconsin and Minnesota, we’d like to tell you more about solar electricity as well as offer some areas to consider when trying to determine whether or not your home would be the perfect fit for solar.

Steel Roof Mounted Solar

Here we’ll cover the three S’s; shade, surface area and south-facing orientation. While these are a few indications your home could be a great fit for solar electricity, it is still important to have your property evaluated by the experts. But until then, here is a brief outline to help you identify your solar viability:


How much shade does your property have? Nearby obstructions like trees could impact your system. And not just trees, taller buildings can obstruct the sun too. Really anything that might impact the access of the sun on your roof. Ask yourself if you would be willing to remove the obstruction if it means solar electricity viability for your home.

Surface Area

How large is the area you’re interested in installing solar panels? How much usable roof surface area do you have? Is your roof angular? These are just a few of the considerations that could impact the type of solar electricity system you require. The more clear space the better, and if you’re unsure, the experts at Strawbale Farms can help determine if it’s adequate.

South-facing Orientation

The more south facing the surface for your panels, the better. Ideally, the solar electricity system will be installed on a surface within 40 degrees of direct South. And solar electricity systems installed on flat roofs or mounted on the ground can be tilted to offer a south-facing exposure.

Do you think your property might be a great fit for solar electricity? Not sure? Either way, contact us at Strawbale Farms and we can work to evaluate your property and find the right system for you. We even sell solar electric generators you can take with you or power your cabin. And, our patented ready-to-install solutions offer faster paybacks, energy independence for life, 98.5% efficiency systems, a 30-year performance warranty and much more.

Learn more about solar electricity for your farm, home or business today! Call Strawbale Farms at (715) 214-6683 or Contact Us to learn more.

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