Fuel Sources for Your Portage & Main Boiler

If you own a Portage and Main boiler or are considering one, you are on the right track towards a smarter solution to heating your home. These efficient, dependable outdoor boilers are growing increasingly popular in the area due to their ability to offer energy efficient heating while remaining “off the grid.” Portage and Main Boilers and furnaces offer independence and money savings that cannot be beat. Portage and Main also manufactures boilers that can utilize different fuel sources such as wood, coal, or wood chips, wood pellets or other bio-mass heat sources. As experts on Portage and Main Boilers for Escanaba and the surrounding areas, we would like to discuss these different fuel sources with you here.

Minnesota Outdoor Wood Boiler

Conventional Wood

Wood burning boilers are a manual load system that would typically require loading with firewood twice a day in cold temperatures. It is important to season your firewood before use. Firewood can be a great alternative heat source to lower your monthly heating bill. Seasoning your own wood for use as fuel is ideal. Dry firewood burns hotter, easier and safer than wet wood.
And remember, seasoning firewood takes time. Cut your wood and allow it to season one full year before use.

Wood Chip or Pellet

Wood chip and pellet Portage and Main Boilers are easy to use and highly efficient. Made for the residential market. These types of boilers boiler can typically provide heat for several days to a week on one bin full of wood chips or pellets.


With the Ultimizer, a coal burning outdoor boiler from Portage and Main Boilers, you can save time, labor and thousands of dollars in fuel over the years. Both the Ultimizer shaker grate coal and wood burning models share many of the same quality features, such as the all important refractory cement lining which retains heat and encourages proper combustion. With coal Portage and Main Boilers you get a cleaner and more efficient burn.

Portage and Main Boilers are designed and built to be installed outside and are fully capable of handling whatever the outdoor elements throw at them. Quality construction and insulation ensure that the outdoor elements have minimal effect on the performance of an outdoor boiler, no matter the fuel source.

If you would like more information about Portage and Main Boilers for your Escanaba area home or business, call Strawbale Farms at 715-214-6683 or Contact Us today! We would love to speak with you and help you find the right outdoor boiler for your needs.

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