Firing Up the Furnace

The first day of autumn is September 22 and winter is just around the corner. Temperatures are already dropping pretty low at night. So, it’s that time of year again; time to start preparing the outdoor wood furnace! But, before you fire it up or look into a new boiler for your home, there are a variety of tips to keeping your outdoor wood furnace in good shape all season long.

Outdoor Wood Furnace Minneapolis

As an outdoor wood furnace owner near Minneapolis, you know all too well how important it is to the warmth and well-being of your home. That’s why Strawbale Farms would like to offer a few tips as well as a few great benefits to owning a Portage & Main Boiler this time of year.


At the start of heating season, excess boiler water should be drained off before starting the boiler. It should be kept for use as “top up” water as it is already treated with boiler treatment for proper pH, Nitirites and conductivity levels.

Also consider your wood fuel. Burn dry seasoned wood. Wood is a type of hydrocarbon, and common properties of hydrocarbons are; they produce steam, carbon dioxide and heat during combustion. Therefore, the dryer the wood the less moisture is created during the combustion process. Wood can/should be seasoning all spring/summer. Some wood types like oak actually require two seasons.


Keep your boiler, fire chamber, heat exchanger and ash collection area clean and dry. Check and clean regularly, even if it is the off season. When cleaning your furnace, pay attention to the heat exchanger. The cleaner it is the more efficient the boiler will be.

Firing Up the Unit

Build a small fire, and add wood as needed. Be sure pumps are circulating when firing the furnace.

Heat Control

Outdoor wood boilers also have an aquastat control that keeps the water temperature at a constant level, which is difficult to achieve with an indoor woodstove or fireplace.

Each product we sell provides the heat you need with much less firewood than conventional stoves. Energy efficiency is one of the best benefits to owning a Portage & Main outdoor wood boiler; there are many other great benefits as well!

If you have questions about firing up your outdoor wood furnace near Minneapolis this fall, do not hesitate to give us a call. Call Strawbale Farms today at 715-214-6683 or Contact Us for more information.

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