Biomass Heating: A Win-Win for Your Home

This winter, the cost of heating with fuel oil is expected to reach an all time high. Propane prices are up, too. And, heating with electricity is the least efficient and most expensive of all. So, what is a home owner to do? State-of-the-art biomass furnaces and boilers from Strawbale Farms can reduce heating costs dramatically compared to all other forms of heat. Biomass heating at your Wisconsin home is 100% renewable and can provide many great benefits as it keeps your home comfortable and warm. As experts in biomass heating, the experts here at Strawbale Farms would like to provide a few of our favorite benefits to this wonderful, renewable and sustainable way to heat your rural homestead.wood boilers

Concerned about your carbon footprint?

Reduce your reliance on fossil fuels with biomass heating. Instead of burning fossil fuels for energy, biomass heating uses organic materials like wood or pellets. Biomass heating is a green form of energy! Biomass is considered a carbon neutral form of energy because the carbon dioxide released when it is burned is only that which was absorbed by the plant during its life.

Looking for a more consistent, affordable form of energy?

A major financial benefit of using biomass boilers for heating is that there is less exposure to the fluctuations of the energy market. In the last year or so, market prices have fluctuated and the cost is always passed onto the consumer. But with biomass heating, you always know what your heating costs will be from year to year. Wood is inexpensive, readily available, and a green, renewable fuel. Wood boilers make some of the best options in home heating since they are highly efficient, clean burning, safe and convenient to use.

Want to go off-grid?

With biomass heating you will be able to go off of the grid and enjoy your independence, generating your own heating. Why pay the utility company when you can pay yourself by generating your own heat?

Outdoor wood boilers take up zero living space and are extremely cost-effective. Our Portage & Main Boilers are known as the “Original Efficient One” and are the most efficient wood boilers in the industry.

For more information about biomass heating for your home or business, call Strawbale Farms at 715-214-6683 or Contact Us today! We would love to speak with you and help you find the right product for your needs.

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