Benefits of an Outdoor Wood Boiler in Our Cold Climate

In Wisconsin and Minnesota, winters can be long. So, finding the best form of heating for your unique home is essential. Burning wood has been a primary heat source for humans for centuries. And saying it has evolved over time is an understatement. Outdoor wood boilers are an efficient, beneficial way to heat the home, especially in our cold, rural climate.

Outdoor Wood Boiler Minnesota

Heat is vital to life in the world’s cold climates. And, as experts in alternative energy we are here to tell you all about choosing an outdoor wood boiler for your Minnesota home as well as its incredible benefits.

An outdoor wood boiler is a steel or a cast iron box lined with firebrick. They mostly heat by convection, meaning it heats the air surrounding it, which then moves around the home.

Outdoor wood boilers are in widespread use across the area due to the abundance of wood, the ease of use and intense cold. They are also used as a supplementary or back up system to a traditional boiler.

Any building, commercial or residential can be heated with a versatile outdoor wood furnace system. You can also heat the water in your home, hot tubs or swimming pools. Some people use larger systems so that they can simultaneously heat workshops, barns and their home.

At Strawbale Farms, we sell Portage & Main outdoor wood boilers; one of the longest lasting and best built boilers in the industry.

In addition to the outdoor wood boiler, we also sell other Portage & Main boilers, including ones that burn coal, wood chips and pellets. Each product we sell provides the needed energy for heat with the use of much less firewood or coal than conventional stoves.

These are all perfect for rural Minnesota as well as our extremely cold climate. It’s simple. Keep it burning and keep things warm. You only need to manually feed your boiler once a day or even every couple of days. And, you don’t need to rely on “the grid” for your home’s heat. It’s ideal for those looking to live off the grid and take control of their own energy.

They are also affordable. Just try and heat your home with electric or oil and see what that can cost! Biomass heating and energy efficient outdoor wood boilers can completely change your winter.

So don’t hesitate any longer. Give us a call today! If you would like more information about an outdoor wood boiler for your Minnesota home or business, call Strawbale Farms at 715-214-6683 or Contact Us today! We would love to speak with you and help you find the right product for your needs.

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