All Fire, No Smoke: The New Polar Furnace is Clean, Efficient & Simple to Use

Do you want to eliminate your high heating bills without all the smoke? Allow us to introduce you to the new Polar Furnace. The G-Class model is an outdoor furnace industry first and offers smoke free combustion for a truly clean and efficient heating experience.

Polar G-ClassThe Polar Furnace G-Class is all about making wood burning as clean, simple and easy as possible while eliminating your high heating bills. To accomplish this, the G-Class is packed with an impressive array of features which together deliver unmatched product value. These features include:

  • All fire, no smoke VOR-TECH combustion chamber. The chamber reaches temperatures up to 2000°F so every ounce of wood and any smoke get completely burned and combustion efficiency reaches 99.5%. This means that every possible BTU of energy is released from the wood and smoke and is converted into heat.
  • High performance heat exchanger.
  • Easy sweep system which allows the heat exchanger to be cleaned daily in as little time as 5 seconds.
  • Safety channel built into the top of the fire chamber and the powerful ECM suction fan work together to insure your comfort and safety during loading.
  • Strongwall system of removable panels to protect the fire chamber walls from the extreme conditions inside the fire chamber and increasing the life of the furnace.
  • The Ignition Door allows you to set the wood on fire AFTER filling the entire fire chamber with wood. Also, while lighting the fire the suction fan creates strong negative pressure inside the fire chamber which keeps any smoke from escaping as air is sucked in through the door opening. You will be amazed how easy it is to light a fire inside the G-Class!

And, these are just some of the amazing features you can enjoy with your new Polar Furnace! With the G-Class Polar Furnace you also get exceptionally long lasting durability, good looks and so much more!

You will love how easy the G-Class is to operate and how simple it is to maintain. You will love the smoke free combustion and be amazed at how much less wood you will burn when compared to older outdoor wood furnace technology. G-Class takes it to a whole new level. These products truly are in a class all there own in the outdoor furnace industry.

Interested in learning more about the new Polar Furnace? Call Strawbale Farms at 715-214-6683 or Contact Us today! We would love to speak with you and help you find the right outdoor boiler for your needs.

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